GSR Resources

What is a G.S.R.

A General Service Representative (GSR) is the link between an AA group and AA as a whole.

On page S26 of the AA Service Manual, we find: “The GSR represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the group’s thoughts to the district committee member (DCM) and to the delegate, who passes them on to the Conference.”

It is recommended that GSRs have at least two years of sobriety, time to commit to meetings, and the ability to listen to differing points of view.

Suggestions for a new GSR

If your group is brand new, please complete a new group form that is then sent to GSO. Otherwise complete a GSR Change Form and send it to the Area registrar via email at [email protected].

One of our first recommendations is to return to this website so you can view agendas, minutes and reports from the Area 28 committee.

Here are some helpful reading material that may be helpful.

Attend the District meeting where your group is located.

Attend various Area events to learn more about what is happening in Area 28!