Area 28 Archives

Area 28 Archives

The Archival movement was spiritually mandated by Bill W. in 1957. Nell Wing, Bill’s
longtime secretary was the fellowships first Archivist at the General Service Office.

The General Service Area 28 Archives officially began on January 1, 1992 with the
appointment of its first Area Archivist Lee N. Lee was named to the Area position by the
Area 28 Committee at its December 1st meeting in 1991.

The General Service Area 28 Archives is a repository for official and unofficial records
that document the history of GSA 28 of Alcoholics Anonymous. These include minutes
of the proceedings of the area assembly and service committees, papers of past
delegates and trustees and personal collections, manuscripts, correspondence,
publications, photographs, and memorabilia related to the origin and development of
A.A. in the Maine area. It is the obligation of the Area 28 Archives Committee to care for
these records permanently and to provide proper facilities and procedures to ensure
their preservation.

The current Area 28 Archivist is Mike S., a member of District 12 residing in Sidney,
Maine. The Archives Committee consists of members from District 5, 6, 14, 17 and 20.
The Area 28 Archives consist of two rooms of artifacts on display at the Central Service
Office in Portland as well as two rooms of repository storage and workspace at the
Sahara Club in Portland. There is also have a traveling roadshow of mobile displays
that you can request to have at your District or Group function.

Question from the Archives Committee

In what year did Bill W. come to Maine to speak and where did this take place?

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*The following items are available to be viewed at the CSO in Portland Maine